The first replica  GWR (B&E Railway) station sign has been cast in iron by the Northfield Foundry, Brixham.

Image shows the initial sign in its raw state, ex mould.

2 signs have been ordered for DUNSTER and a further 3 signs will be cast for WATCHET following a re-set of the pattern equipment.

The signs are 8 ft long,  18” deep and cast with a tee section boarder.

There are original signs of the same style in place at WILLITON, WASHFORD and DUNSTER and on that basis these new signs should last at least 145 years!!

Once the remain signs have been cast and fettled, they will be sent to WSR  Minehead workshops for preparation to mount them on posts re-cycled from scrap bull head rail  and painting by workshop volunteers.

When ready, the WSR infrastructure team will arrange installation with the volunteer station groups.

The new heritage signs are expected to speed up station work as passengers will be more informed as to where they are ( they are mostly visitors after all) and de-train promptly at their intended destination.

The station signs project has been managed by the WSRA  who have sought funding for the pattern equipment plus 1 off DUNSTER and 1 off WATCHET sign, further funding is being sought the additional signs plus the preparation and installation costs.


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New Dunster Station sign casting direct from the mould