Front footplate brackets and angles recovered from the old frames have been prepared ready to be fitted to the new behind the front buffer beam. Included are the front footsteps.

Fitting of the brake and spring gear is being progressed. This is a check fitting of a brake hanger and cross beam (below frame plate) to check that all parts are available. Either side of the hanger firmly bolted to the frame plate are the ‘J’ brackets (light green) from which the coupled wheel springs will be suspended in due course.

Safety chains are to be fitted to the brake beams in case of breakage in service for which the bolts are being made.

When the extension frames were assembled some fitted bolts and nuts were omitted from the front pony truck pivot. The remaining 6 bolts and nuts have now been made.

Items are gradually being fitted to the leading buffer beam now it is in place. The rectangular hole needed in the centre for the front coupling has been finished to size and the coupling  hook inserted. Hung in the hook is part of the screw coupling linkage which is being refurbished. The pipe flange alongside is the leading end of 4561’s steam train heating pipe to be. The small item next to the buffer is part of the bracket on which the leading vacuum brake hose is to be secured when 4561 is hauling a train in traffic.


With the main horn block sets in place in each frame plate it is critical that the gaps between each pair are finished to known sizes to ensure the correct tolerances when the axleboxes are fitted. Not only must they be a known distance apart but in line across and square to the frames; and in line along each side parallel to the locomotive’s centre line. The horn faces are ground to final sizes to ensure they are smooth, flat and parallel.

For this work the workshop team has developed the multi-fit horn guide grinding machine seen in the photograph mounted between a pair of horn blocks and in use to grind their respective faces. The machine’s capabilities have been checked and confirmed to give good results on some other locomotive work that Williton Works has been involved with.