The WSRA Trustees met on Tuesday 13th April by remote conference call. Amongst the items discussed were:

  • Minutes of the Previous meeting in March were approved and are available for members to view in the members section of this website.
  • B&E Station Signs – arrangements are being made to collect the patterns
  • Rolling Stock – Trustees noted that negotiations are still ongoing for updated hire agreements
  • Triangle Running Rights – The old agreement has been extended until the end of April to allow negotiations to be finalised for a new agreement.
  • 4561 Trustees noted continued progress, agreed to an additional spend for extra fabrication and authorised negotiations to begin for the second 6 stage phase of restoration.
  • WSRA Promotions Ltd – Trustees confirmed the intention to make the company dormant within a year, as it is not currently needed.
  • Membership – RMW presented a paper outlining an incentive scheme for working volunteers to join the WSRA.  This was agreed and JAG and RMW charged with implementation.  Details will be made public via HOPS in due course.
  • Fundraising – Rail Renewal Fund –  Trustees considered requests for funding from the WSR PLC. The immediate request would use up all the funds held and so Trustees also considered future fundraising strategies.  A Rail Renewal appeal pack will be designed and subject to WSR PLC agreement distributed and placed on the trains for the 2021 operating season.