The WSRA Trustees met on Monday 08 January in Williton and by TEAMS.  Amongst the items discussed were:

  • Previous Meeting – The minutes of the previous meeting on 11 December were approved as an accurate record, with one amendment.
  • Board Awayday – Trustees agreed to have an awayday in February, to discuss and confirm strategy for the WSRA.
  • Grant Applications – Trustees were pleased to approve grant applications for:
    • The full purchase price of 400 drilled creosoted sleepers to enable spot resleepering works in 2024
    • A 47% contribution towards the cost of Tyres for Tender T2061, to run with Odney Manor.
    • A contribution towards the materials costs for repainting Washford Station.
  • WSRA Administrator – Trustees were pleased to note that a new administrator had been appointed and would start work before the end of the month.
  • Loco 4561 – JP has sourced some unused ex-BR piston valve heads at the P&D railway and they are prepared to sell to WSRA. Trustees agreed to cancel the machining of the old rings and purchase these unused items instead.