The WSRA Trustees met on Tuesday 14th December via TEAMS.  Amongst the items discussed were:

  • Minutes of the Previous meeting – on 9th November were approved and are available for members to view in the members section of this website.
  • Covered Accommodation – GG reported that the group had decided that the latest plan no longer included arrangements for covered accommodation for the Hawksworth Saloon and that WSRA involvement was no longer required.
  • Rolling stock Agreements –Trustees discussed a request from the WSR PLC to purchase the Charity’s carriages, on a ‘rent to buy’ basis but were unable to agree to it, believing that the heritage rolling stock is better safeguarded within a charity wrapper.  Two alternative arrangements were discussed and will be put to the PLC.
  • Working with WSR PLC – Trustees noted that the joint meeting planned for 15th December was cancelled due to the escalating COVID situation.
  • Purchase of a 1939 Gunpowder van – Trustees agreed to the purchase as an investment into developing the skills of the young wagon group. The WSRA General Manager will help the group with planning and fundraising for its restoration.
  • Grant Applications
    • Blue Anchor Points – The points themselves don’t need replaicing but there is a need for the replacement of 37 life expired hardwood crossing timers within the MD end points situated at BA station.  Trustees agreed the funding request for £8,939.50.
    • Rail and Ballast – to provide the WSR infrastructure team with materials to spot replace life expired bullhead rail and ballast between BL and WN. Trustees agreed the funding request for a total of £35,619.00

Trustees noted that these grants will be spent over the coming winter and will use all the funds currently held by WSRA in the Rail Renewal Fund.  WSRA will start a fundraising campaign in the new year to replenish the Rail Renewal Fund.