The WSRA Trustees met on Monday 10 June in Williton and by TEAMS.  Amongst the items discussed were:

  • Previous Meeting – The minutes of the previous meeting on 13 May were approved as an accurate record.
  • Governance – three new and/or updated policies were agreed by the board and will be published asap. These are Risk Assessment Policy,  Health and Safety Policy, and Winding up Policy.
  • Rolling Stock – Trustees were pleased receive a report and note that work on 4419 was proceeding according to plan.
  • WSRA Locomotives – Trustees were advised that the WSRA website had been updated for locomotive Restoration, with donation buttons for each loco and an updated blog for both 4561 and 80064.  Work on both locomotives was progressing as expected.
  • WSR Fundraising – Trustees were pleased with the success of the WSRA stand at Williton for the Spring Steam Spectacular where there was a great deal of interest in both the WSRA owned locomotives on display.  Trustees recorded their thanks to Ryan Pope for arranging for the locos to be on display.
  • AGM – Trustees were advised who needed to stand for re-election and that final decisions needed to be made at the next board meeting ahead of the publication of nomination papers on 30 July.
  • Steam Rally – work on the rally is progressing well.  More volunteer help is still needed