Each winter the WSR Infrastructure team undertakes a programme of work on the track.  This includes everything from a complete relay of a section of track to spot repairs.

Repairs are also carried out throughtout the year, as necessary. For all of this work they need ballast.

Lots and lots of ballast.

Ballast is purchased by the lorry load but we are asking for donations of £13 to buy a single bag of ballast.  A lorry load is about 40 bags (20 tonnes).

Once again, we are aiming to purchase 6 lorry loads of ballast, which now cost £520 per load.  Last winter we achieved our goal and the ballast has been purchased and used on the railway. Thank You.

Please will you help this winter by buying a bag of ballast for only £13.

If 40 people buy a bag of ballast we can buy a whole lorry load of ballast.  If 240 people did that we would have 6 lorry loads.  Please help us to keep the trains running on the West Somerset Railway.

Visit our fundraising page at: https://www.wsra.org.uk/buy-a-bag-of-ballast

For more information:

Jacquie Green WSRA General Manager – E: jacquie.green@wsra.org.uk

Geoff Garfield WSRA Chair – E: geoff.garfield@wsra.org.uk


WSRA relaunches 'Buy a bag of Ballast' campaign for 2023-2024