Work to clean and inspect the culvert was planned for the 2019/2020 winter, but due to COVID-19 it did not go ahead at that time.  This week, the contractors are on site and the WSRA has confirmed the commitment to pay for it.

Photos show the tankers that were used to jet the culvert and clear the silt etc. The contractors recycle what is cleared out, and reuse the water instead of having to refill the tanker with water each time. The pipe that runs along the up side of the track was accessed from the road at Seaward Way crossing, they jetted this from that end as all of the manholes are too difficult to access. It is thought that there was around 6 tonnes cleared out in total – but we will know more when the report paperwork comes through.

The contractors used a camera controlled remotely (by the man in the van) to see the inside of the pipe to check the condition, and in the section under the track they had to send a man in as the camera couldn’t be used due to the silt levels.

WSR will receive reports, official photos and the camera surveillance from the contractor in due course.

Photos courtesy of WSR PLC Infrastructure department.