We have confirmed that the WSRA plans to restore both 4561 and 80064 to steam on the WSR, with the work being done at Williton, as far as possible. We are now able to update members on the plans.

After a good deal of thought and planning, the Association and the WSR plc, who operate Williton restorations, have jointly concluded that it would be best if the restoration of 4561 boiler was done externally, to allow Williton to complete everything else needed, and  to do the complete restoration of 80064. This will allow us to have both locomotives running as soon as possible.

Trustees have already received plans and quotations from different contractors, and selected Riley & Son to do the boiler work. So, 4561’s boiler, with some spare parts, will depart Williton for Lancashire very soon.

Geoff Garfield, chair of WSRA trustees said, “We are delighted to see the way clear to have both these locos running on the WSR as soon as possible, and grateful to the WSR plc for their support and cooperation”.

Jonathan Jones Pratt, chairman of the WSR plc said” We believe this is the right decision for the loco given the busy schedules ahead of us and complex repairs required to this boiler which inevitably involves a lot of time and investment as a standalone project. We can now focus on the rolling chassis as well as the Std tank which sits in the restoration queue, the hope it to accelerate both timelines to achieve our locos running which will support the WSR and our future objectives for a home running fleet”.

Williton yard will be open to visitors during the Spring Steam Gala on 3-5 May, so everyone will have a chance to see 80064 and all the work already completed on 4561.  We will also be grateful for everybody’s support for these ambitious projects, either money, or offers to join the volunteer team.

For more information:

Jacquie Green WSRA General Manager – E: jacquie.green@wsra.org.uk

Geoff Garfield WSRA Chair – E: geoff.garfield@wsra.org.uk


4561 boiler at Williton