This Photo shows the Right Driving horn with both horn blocks snugly in place and bolted to the frame plate. The domed heads of the 14 fitted bolts, 7 each side, have been given a coat of primer to protect them against corrosion. A square shanked horn stay stud has been fitted to the underside of each horn block for alignment when fitting the horn stay. These stay studs have yet to be finish machined with a screw thread beneath the shank for bolting up the horn stays in due course.

Horn stays are fitted across each pair of horn blocks partly to retain the axle boxes but also to tie the lower edges of the frame plate together. This Photo shows the 6 new horn stays which were cut from thick steel plate prior to being machined with a square hole within each of the recessed sections. Each stay is identified with its position under the horn blocks in the frames and has been fitted over the appropriate stay stud shanks in order to mark out where the recessed sections needed to be located. Each has been rough machined but has yet to be finished to suit the underside of its horn blocks in such a way that limited adjustment can take place in service to compensate for wear and tear in service.

Away from the frames work has been steadily progressing with painting the 5 wheelsets shown here. The 2 smaller, or pony wheels are from the leading and trailing trucks, the others being the main driving wheels. All have been primed with one pony set having been given its first coat of black paint. Unfortunately it has been found that the main driving axle (far right in photo.) has to be replaced as its axle journals have worn below scrap size. Arrangements are to be made for supply and fitting which will have to be done off site. If you would like to contribute to the cost of this work you can do so  HERE